fall 2015 book list

Wednesday, September 2, 2015
School is finally gearing down for me and I'm on the home stretch! Since I don't have many classes left, I had a lot more down time over this summer to read for fun and let me tell you, I was devouring books like nobody's business. I seriously love that I can check out books from the Fort Worth Library for free just by having a library card! I truly enjoyed these books and have recommended many of them to friends that are also huge bookworms like me. Any one of these would be great to pack along on a trip this Labor Day Weekend.

Summaries in a nutshell:

  1. Single, Carefree, Mellow is a light, easy read, with each chapter basically being it's own short story about love and unfaithfulness. 
  2. The Knockoff is a funny story about a woman in her 30s trying to keep up with an office of young millennials. You'll love it if you love the TV show Younger.
  3. Second Life is a gripping, suspenseful novel with twists and turns galore in which a woman tries to solve the mystery her sister's murder and ends up getting wrapped up in the lifestyle her sister led.
  4. Luckiest Girl Alive is a darkly humorous book about a girl who was shaped (and scarred) by traumatic events in her high school days. 
  5. Nobody's Cuter Than You is an endearing memoir about friendship. It's truly inspiring!
  6. The Pocket Wife is a novel in which the main character must remember and unravel details and memories about the day her neighbor/friend was found dead.
  7. Hypnotist's Love Story is a delightful, light read about a hypnotist who (unwittingly) starts dating one of her client's ex-boyfriends. The client also happens to be a stalker, but sometimes you can't help but feel sorry for her!
  8. Dear Daughter is a suspenseful read about a girl who was put in jail for her mother's murder. When she is released, she is determined to figure out what really happened that fateful day and discovers a whole different life her mother had.
  9. The Girl On The Train is another suspenseful, thrilling read. (Can you tell I love this genre?) A girl on a train may have witnessed some details relevant to a woman's disappearance and starts trying to connect the dots herself to figure out what really happened.

Up next on my list: The Rocks and All The Bright Places. What are you reading lately?

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