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Thursday, December 29, 2016

To say that the past few months have been a whirlwind might be an understatement.

After spending over half of 2016 cozying up to my new life in Columbus, Ohio, I took a job back in Texas and had about 2 weeks to pack up the entire house, drive across the country and prepare for the new gig. The other major life change happening concurrently with all of this was discovering that I was expecting a little one! So much excitement in a short amount of time made it clear that the blog had to take a little break. Now that things are settling down a bit, I wanted to get back into posting a bit more regularly.

Today I've got a style guide lined up with pieces that I've been living in the past few months as the bump gets bigger. I've caved and bought a couple of maternity-specific items but for the most part try to stick with things that I'll be able to wear after the babe is born. I am drawn to tunic-length tops, open cardis, leggings, stretchy pants, flats, dark/neutral colors and soft fabrics. I threw in a few other must-haves including the body butter I've been using and must-have accessories.

1. Gap Softspun Knit Slit Tunic (on sale - $24.99!) - I got this in both black and white and wear both at least once a week!

2. Gap Scoop Neck Stripe Long Sleeve Tee (on sale - $19.99) - Another great layering piece!

3. Lou & Grey Signaturesoft Cowl Tunic ($59.50) - I picked this up during one of Loft's sales this week and it is one of the softest things I've ever worn.

4. Loft Maternity Five Pocket Sateen Leggings ($79.50) - I have these in burgundy but the other colors are just as beautiful and can be dressed up or down very easily.

5. Loft Maternity Skinny Jeans ($79.50) - I wore my normal skinnies with a belly band (see #11) for as long as I could until I finally caved and bought these. They tend to stretch out a little in the legs over time but for the price (I got them during Loft's cyber Monday sale), they are worth being able to pull on easily. The dark wash is perfect and goes with everything.

6. Harlow & Graham V-Neck Soft Pullover Sweater ($21.97) - I bought this in the spring and sized up for an oversize fit. I've been wearing it often even with the baby bump! It still fits well and is also extremely soft.

7. Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter ($9.08) - I'm super into skin products with the least amount of weird chemicals possible. I haven't been a Burt's Bees customer in the past but have been loving this belly butter. My skin is super soft after I use it and so far, I've yet to see any stretch marks. I'm sure those will still make an appearance at some point but for now, I'm pretty happy with the product!

8. Gap Pure Body Low-Rise Capri Leggings ($29.95) - These leggings are super soft and comfy--perfect for running weekend errands or lounging around the house!

9. BP. Open Front Cardigan ($49) - I bought a few of these in different colors during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale over the summer and wish I'd gotten more. I wear them ALL THE TIME and they are especially nice to throw on over the above mentioned Gap tunics. Pair with skinnies or leggings and a long necklace and I've got an instant outfit in no time.

10. Zella 'Live In' High Waist Leggings ($54-65) - I have these leggings in the old lower-rise fit but the high rise looks even more comfortable! I wear mine at least once a week, if not more. Even with the bump they have fit well. Lately, I've started folding the waist band down just a bit to keep them from squeezing in on the belly.

11. Ingrid & Isabel Women's Maternity Everyday Bellaband ($28.00) - This thing was a lifesaver during months 3-5 of the pregnancy. When the bump was just barely starting to debut but kept me from being able to button up my normal jeans comfortably, I left the button undone and just slipped this band over to keep my jeans up. They still fit snugly without being uncomfortable.

12. AZMED Maternity Belt ($24.97) - Around the 5-6 month mark, I started feeling discomfort in my hips/lower back. My job kept me on my feet nearly all day so I decided to grab a maternity support belt on Amazon to see if it could alleviate some of the pain. It seemed to work well enough and for the price, I haven't regretted buying it. I don't wear it every day but I throw it on over my jeans/leggings when I think I'll be walking around a lot during the day.

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