weekend, first snow, and hot cocoa

Monday, November 17, 2014
Brrr... Hello, Winter!

We got our first "snow" here in North Texas last night. A light dusting, but snow nonetheless. I get so excited when it starts to get wintery outside! The hubs and I cozied up by the fire and watched football and Walking Dead. It's the best way to fight those Sunday blues.

This weekend, we went down to our college stomping grounds in hopes to watch our Aggies BTHO Mizzou (didn't happen...) and see my family. Although traveling always makes the weekend seem to fly by, we had fun seeing friends, tailgating, and watching the game in a local bar to escape the cold/rain.

I'm now fully in holiday mode and have shamelessly begun to listen to my mega Christmas playlist on Spotify (500+ songs!) and plan out my 3 Thanksgivings next week. More details on those to come! I'm also about to start my Christmas shopping. I fully intended to start much earlier to avoid the procrastination and subsequent stress that comes due to being busy with work and school this time of year; however, that did not end up happening. Oh well! I will happily join the masses of other holiday shoppers and enjoy my most favorite time of year. I'll be sharing some gift guides in the coming weeks, so be on the lookout for those!

Until then, why not try out this recipe (via How Sweet It Is) for a delicious, creamy white chocolate hot cocoa made with Lindt truffles. Say what?? I have been on a hot chocolate kick lately but am now dying to try this white chocolate version:


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