Saturday, January 2, 2016
Well hello, 2016!

Pretty much anyone I've talked to recently agrees that 2015 passed by in flash. Where does the time go? 2015 was surely filled with plenty of ups and a few downs, but let's focus on the good things:

  • a fantastic trip to Europe
  • a hill country wine-tasting weekend with friends over Memorial Weekend
  • planning my bff's bachelorette party weekend in Austin, TX
  • starting and completing my final year of grad school at TCU
  • celebrating the holidays with tons of family and friends
  • and oh, just moving across the country

That's right, the hubs and I are packing up our life here in Texas and moving up to Columbus, Ohio TODAY. I guess this bit of news could fall under both categories (up and down) given that it is indeed very exciting, as I have never lived outside of the Lone Star State, but also a little nerve-wracking. Making new friends, finding a new job, and basically just starting over in a place I know very little about is no small feat for a small town girl like me! But I have faith that some pretty amazing things will be revealed to me and my husband through this new adventure. One thing I'm looking forward to? Real snow! Yes! (And a new wardrobe to go along with it, obviously.)

So here's to a new year and a new adventure. I'm saying farewell to Texas (for now) and hello to Ohio! If you've got any favorite places or advice to share about my new wintery home, please please please share in the comments below!

I hope to get back to my previously regular posting schedule next week after I'm settled in my new city.

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