Tropical Citrus Green Smoothie Recipe

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I have tried dozens of smoothie recipes from Pinterest and invented a few of my own myself, but this tropical citrus green smoothie has got to be my best concoction yet! Full of yummy fruit, some protein and, of course, lots of greens makes this a filling and healthy meal. The thing I love about this is it's easy to sub other fruits out for what I used, such as a banana or strawberries, or even sub some almond milk or juice for the coconut water. You can add more yogurt for an extra protein and probiotic boost, which is a variation I will likely try soon! All I can say is it is delicious!

1 cup coconut water
1/4 - 1/2 cup plain nonfat greek yogurt
2 cups spinach or other leafy greens
Scant 1 cup each of: frozen mango, frozen pineapple chunks & frozen mandarin oranges*
1 tbsp sunbutter or almond butter
1 tsp honey, optional
1 tsp flax seed, optional

Blend the coconut water, yogurt, and greens first, Then add the fruit and sunbutter and continue blending until smooth. 

*I used canned pineapple and oranges because it's what I happened to have on hand. I just drained and put in the freezer for a few hours prior to making this smoothie. So good!

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