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Monday, December 2, 2013
Not having kids of my own, I really took my time creating this guide, curating ideas that I think kids these days might like (wow, I sound old!) When I was little, I loved games and playing "pretend." I would build forts out of any and every blanket and pillow I could find to create castles; come up with plays where I was most likely the lead while my siblings played supporting roles; and dress up in the prettiest, sparkliest things from my dress up box to resemble one of my then-favorite Disney princesses.

Technology has taken away a little of the wonder kids used to find in these kind of make-believe games. Thus, I was drawn toward the more whimsical items that would ignite a child's imagination and entertain them without buttons and light-up screens (there's plenty of time for that later!) I also couldn't help but include the cutest little dinosaur hoodie that a boy--or girl!--could run amuck in and some super shimmery shoes fit for a modern day princess to keep some little tootsies warm in the winter.


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