6 Books to Read Right Now!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Ever since I finished up grad school last December, I've thrown myself back into reading (for fun, of course!) I have always enjoyed reading and love to share books I've read here on the blog (see here and here). This list of recent reads pretty much covers the spectrum of genres--from suspense to mystery to romance. This allows me to pick up any one of them according to how I'm feeling that day or what time of day it is! (Dark Places isn't exactly bedtime reading material for me.) As always, I'm open to suggestions for new books to check out! xo.

What Alice Forgot - Currently reading. The main character (Alice) wakes up after hitting her head and can't remember the past 10 years of her life. Not sure where it's going but I'm already hooked!

The Husband's Secret - This was a great book with a nice little twist. I read this on my recent trip to Milan and was completely engrossed until the very end!

The Secret History - Currently reading. I've been digging my way through this one for several months now. It's an extremely rich, complex, well-written novel and it is just taking me longer to read and digest the material. However, I really like it and am determined to get to the end of the story! Donna Tartt is an amazing author (check out her more recent Goldfinch!)

All the Bright Places - A great read for fans of Fault in Our Stars. A tragic love story between the two main characters, Violet and Finch. Both easy to read yet emotionally complex. A tearjerker!

Dark Places - Although it took me a few chapters to get into this book, I couldn't put it down once the story got going. This book has plenty of suspense, twists and turns!

Big Magic - Currently reading. I've heard amazing things about this book and hope to get some nuggets of wisdom and inspiration from author Elizabeth Gilbert.

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