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Thursday, November 21, 2013
Is anyone else having just the slowest week ever? I know it's already Thursday (or as I like to call it: Friday Eve), but I'm already exhausted! I think the impending Thanksgiving holiday next week plus the stress and frustration of wanting to get started on house closing/moving is just a lot to handle at the moment.

However, when I focus on all the good going on in my life right now, it's hard to complain! The absolute highlight of my week thus far was the opening of Starbucks in our newly completed Sundance Square on Tuesday.

Sundance Square underwent a huge renovation over the past year or so and was unveiled earlier in the month. I am in love with the space already, especially now that all the Christmas decorations are going up! New restaurants are popping up one by one in each of the two new buildings that flank the east and west perimeter of the square.

Starbucks actually only made a move across the street from its old location, but the new set up is wayyy better. On Monday night, my Twitter newsfeed was sprinkled with several tweets about how the first 100 customers in line for Tuesday morning's opening would get free Starbucks drinks for a year. I immediately set my alarm extra early and surprisingly was able to get up and going! I waited in line an hour before the store opened and sure enough received my coupon card for my free drinks. For someone who works downtown and frequents that store a lot, I was pretty excited about it!

So you know, life can get pretty stressful at times. But I'm learning the importance of slowing down, getting outside my comfort zone, and appreciating the little things like: waiting in line for coffee before the sun comes up and making friends with strangers waiting with you; listening to Christmas music a week earlier than what is socially acceptable (and not caring); and generally feeling small in a big, wonderful world! 


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