hasty morning hairstyles

Wednesday, August 6, 2014
We've all done it. The alarm goes off on Monday (or Tuesday, or Wednesday...) morning and you press the snooze button one too many times. Next thing you know you've got about 20 minutes to put yourself together and run out the door if you want to get to work on time.

This is me probably once a week. I have mastered the 5-minute makeup routine but hair is one thing that is harder for me to do. On a normal day, it usually takes me a few minutes to decide up or down, curly or straight. But when I'm running late, ain't nobody got time for deliberating on how to fix their hair!

I figured I'm probably not the only one who likes the idea of an arsenal of go-to, I'm-running-super-late hair styles and thought I'd share a few I found on Pinterest that are sure to help you get ready for work in a snap:

one / two / three / four

one: The knotted ponytail via small things blog. She has an easy video tutorial to use as a guide! Check out all her other easy hair tutorials, too. love love love.

two: The two-minute low braided bun. I've done this style so many times. Always quick, always chic.

three: One of my favorite lazy-girl hair styles! Straighten only the bottom 2-3 inches of hair to add polish to your natural texture. Add a few waves with a curling wand on the top layer if needed.

four: Tease the roots around your crown for volume, set with a light mist of hair spray, and gather at the nape of your neck in a tight knot. Bring a few wisps of hair to the front (curl with a wand if desired) to soften the look.

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