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Wednesday, August 13, 2014
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Summer school ended last week and I couldn't be more ready for this two week break before fall classes start up. This week, I am planning to soak in every free moment and do what makes my soul happy. This includes painting, cooking/baking, reading, and blogging. I truly think immersing in hobbies and generally doing things you enjoy is necessary for mental well-being! Balancing a full-time job and school keeps me busy and gives me the ability to sustain the lifestyle I love, but it's nice to take a break and just do whatever makes me happy.

Next week, the hubs and I are embarking on our beach vacation to the Dominican Republic. We are so very excited to lounge on the beach and completely unplug and unwind from daily demands for a few days! No TV; no Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram; minimal (if any) texting, or anything else that interrupts our ability to relax. Hopefully after these next two weeks, I'll feel rejuvenated and refreshed. It will also be nearly September, so fall will officially be almost here!

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  1. Great quote. Have to try to always keep this in mind!